Since 2012, John Ritchey Structural Engineer, LLC. has been providing structural engineering services for residential homes.  Our office provides residential framing to accommodate conventional and custom architectural designs of all shapes and sizes.  JRSE strives to provide safe, economical, and efficient framing solutions utilizing conventional wood framing, composite lumber, structural steel, masonry, and concrete.  Our office has experience with cold formed steel framing, an alternative to wood framing as well. 

JRSE also provides framing solutions for residential swimming pools, site walls, retaining walls, pavilions, bunkers, trellis, additions, accessory dwellings (ohanas), and other appurtenances.

Structural drawings (plans) are furnished for the use of permitting, bidding, and construction.  

During construction, JRSE will provide Structural Observation to oversee the residential framing is built in general conformance with the structural drawings.  JRSE’s goal is to provide timely correspondence to the design team and contractors to maintain project goals and timeline.  

JRSE does residential engineering services for Maui and Oahu, Hawaii. 

Contact John Ritchey Structural Engineering for consultation regarding your project.  We look forward to working with you.